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The every day experience of using elevators influence your satisfaction from the product. The looks of the car is the major factor of that experience. However car cabins designs for marine conditions should also be prepared for those conditions. Techwind understands that fully and provides wide range of stainless steel car cabins. Pleasing to the eyes, easy to clean and extremely durable.

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Control systems

One of the most important parts of the elevator is its control system. As it often is, something you do not see has the largest influence on the experience of using the lift. Control system provided by Techwind are based on the best components supplied only by renowned producers. Our control system allow our lifts to do almost everything you would like Your lift to do. By that we mean special functions programmed for your individual needs.

RINA Certification

To assure smooth commissioning with marine Classification Societies and to assure our clients of the quality of our services, Techwind has successfully passed RINA’s (Marine Classification and Certification Society since 1861) certification procedure in 2009. It was confirmed by Rina’s declaration.

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Manufacturing, installing and servicing passenger/cargo lifts on board of the ships and marine constructions

This certificates states that Techwind is approved for manufacturing and installing passenger/cargo lifts on board ships and marine constructions as well as servicing those lifts.